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Visit to Anush & Arsen In Geghakert Village - 10/17/19

Today our team was in Geghakert village, where we visited Anush and Arsen's family. The joy on the family's faces was endless, as we gave them a hand-held tractor, which is a real and sustainable source of income for the family. Arsen's and his wife's joy could not be described in words. When he saw his tractor, his excitement could not be contained, he immediately got the tractor out of the truck and began to drive it and examining the details.

This tractor was the most important investment in this family, as it will serve them for a long time, giving them sustainable income of at least 5-10,000 drams a day, if not more.

In addition, we took them lots of clothes, shoes, toys, and long-lasting food for the entire family. Anush said that she is so thankful that she doesn't have to think about what her children will wear for a long long time.

In addition to the aforementioned, we also donated a computer to the family, which the daughter had long dreamed of.

As a result of our visit, another family has a stable source of income and the father of the family will be able to feed his family by his own hard work. Thank you all who made this happen. God Bless you

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