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Visit to Second Family in Geghakert Village - 10/17/19

Our team also visited the other family in the village of Geghakert where many underage children live with many health problems.

Only the grandmother and father work in the family, doing various work in the village, but have no permanent income.

During our visit, we donated a hand-held tractor them so they could have a permanent income and feed the family with their own work.

It was impossible to describe what was going on in the family, as each member of the household was happy, the children were happy with the clothes and toys, the mother was ecstatic in seeing so much food and clothes and shoes, and the father and grandfather of the family were happy to see the tractor and were already planning on where they are going to start.

The family's father said he would have so much work to do to solve all of his family's problems with the tractor, that we cannot even imagine. And we, of course, were very happy to hear this, as we always support hard-working families.

In addition to the tractor, we took them a lot of dry food and flour, clothes and shoes for all family members, and of course toys for the children.

As a result of our regular visit to another family, one more family has the opportunity to earn a living every day, without relying on the small government help.

Thank you all!

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