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Help Delivered to Family in Memory of Vazgen Avetyan - 12/31/2019

One of the year-end visits was to the Romela's family living in the village of Margahovit, Lor Province, who lived in dire social conditions.

This visit's funds was made possible through donations in lieu of flowers in memory of Vazgen Avetyan, Madlen Avetyan's father.

We visited the Romela's family with many surprises, the first major gift being the pregnant cow, who would give them fresh milk (about 15 liters a day) every day. This will be the family's sustainable source of both income and food. In addition, we donated an automatic washing machine, electric oven, food to last them for over a year including 100kg of flour, as a boost until they start making money by selling many dairy products from milk. We also provided them with clothes and toys for the children for the improvement of the family's life, to which the little ones were especially pleased.

The family was very happy, not expecting that a whole truck full of food, household items and clothing was just for them.

Thus, with our visit, the family will not only be able to spend the holidays carefree, but will also have a stable income, which will hopefully improve their social status.

May your dad rest in peace, dear Madlen, through your sorrow and pain you have given light and hope to this family. God bless you!

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