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Visit to Family #2 in Aznvadzor Village - Lori Province- 1/27/20


Our visit to this family was made possible from the donations in honor of 3 children's Christenings of Maro and Gayane. The monetary gifts were collected and we changed the lives of 3 families in addition to delivering food for 15 elderly in Lori Province.

It is almost impossible to describe and display in the pictures the difficult situation Gohar's family was in before our visit. Gohar lives in Aznvadzor village, Lori Province. When we visited the family, all of the 3 children and Gohar were in worn out/torn slippers. It was devastating.

But with our visit, we brought a lot of joy to the children, giving them a lot of toys, clothes, and shoes. The kids were in so much joy, it's was heart-warming.

We gave the Gohar family one pregnant cow (which will deliver 15 liters of milk on daily basis), a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven, an electric kettle, food to last them over a year, clothing, shoes, toys, and more.

Gohar was very grateful that the children were provided with everything from now on, especially happy with the cow, who would give them fresh milk every day, and about $300 income each month by selling the dairy products from it, which would serve not only as food but also as a source of income for the family.

Thank you Maro and Gayane for changing this family's life <3 Blessings to all who donated to the Christening of your children. God Bless.

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