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Visit to Family #3 in Aznvadzor Village - Lori Province- 1/27/20


Our visit to this family was made possible from the donations in honor of 3 children's Christenings of Maro and Gayane. The monetary gifts were collected and we changed the lives of 3 families in addition to delivering food for 15 elderly in Lori Province.

This is our 3rd family visit and again to Aznvadzor village, this time to Aghavni's family, where 3 underage children are growing up. While Aghavni was anxious to gather her thoughts and thank us for this help, the children were passing through from one gift box to another full of joy and unable to conceal their excitement.

Again, just like the previous 2 families, we gave the family 1 pregnant cow, a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, a bread making oven, an electric kettle, food to last them for over a year, 200kg of flour, 1 box of oil, and plenty of clothes, shoes, and toys and other necessities for the family.

Until the end of the visit, Aghavni could not believe that it was really theirs and that it was all meant for her family.

Thank you for your another miracle dear Maro and Gayane. God Bless!

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