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Visit To Anna and 3 Children in Aznvadzor, Lori - 2/19/2020

One of our beautiful and life-changing visits on February 19 was to a family of 3 underage children living in the village of Aznvadzor, where the daily bread was a problem.

During the visit we gave them a pregnant cow, which will give them fresh 15 liters of milk every day, in addition to that, we gave the family a refrigerator, an automatic washer, an oven, a kettle, food to last for a long time, 100kg of flour, clothes, shoes and more.

Anna, the mother, was very excited, she didn't even believe it was all theirs. She said that her husband would no longer have to stay in Russia, would return to Armenia and live with them, keep the cow and try to increase what they now have.

Thank you all for helping us complete all our by one. God bless!

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