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Visit to Another Family of 5 in Aznvadzor, Lori - 2/19/20

We had another visit, again to a family living in terrible conditions in the village of Aznvadzor, where three minor children are raised.

The father was milking other people's cows and earning very low income.

Once again we took the family their own pregnant cow that the husband can take care of as a job, which will bring quite a bit of income (almost $300 a month). The cow will give them up to 15 liters of milk on daily basis which they can use to feed children and also sell different kinds of dairy products. In addition to the cow, we took them a refrigerator, an automatic washer, an electric oven, a kettle, a whole lot of food that would be used by the family for a long time, clothes and shoes for the entire family.

We had brought so many things that didn't fit in the house, so we were all stacked on top of each others. Most is dry/canned food which will last them for a good year, as a boost so they don't have to spend money on food but to take care of their financial issues. The mother and father of the children were looking at the things we took them, stunned and unable to express themselves. The mother tried to say thanks, but she turned, looked and could not speak)))

I would like to thank all the people who are with us and with the help of whom we can make these life-changing visits a reality for families in poverty. Thank you and God bless.

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