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Visit to Tatev's Family in Gugark Village, Lori Province -3.21.20

Regardless of the tense situation in the country, on March 15th, our second visit took place because one of my friends donated the remaining money to make the visit happen asap. This visit was one of the most important visits, as in these circumstances we resolved another family's extreme poverty situation.

The visit was to Tatev's family in Gugark village of Lori Province. For them, we brought the most important a pregnant cow, which would provide the family with fresh dairy products every day and sustainable income on daily basis. In addition to relieving Tatev's daily worries, we gave them a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven, an electric kettle, as well as food to last them for over a year. We also provided clothing for all family members.

Tatev was incredibly excited, said she had never received such help and was especially happy for the cow. The kids were particularly happy with the clothes and toys. The grandmother, who had unfortunately broken her leg and found herself in bed, thanked and blessed everyone who helped her family.

I would like to thank everyone for making this beautiful and important visit a reality <3 God bless you all

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