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COVID-19 Food Reachout to Families in need-Vanadzor, Lori -4/2020

During the month of April, because of Covid-19 lockdown in Armenia, our team has been distributing 2-3 months supply of dry food to people who have lost their jobs and were unable to provide for their families. Together, with your generous donations, we were able to distribute food to families in Lori Province, Vanadzor, from our distribution center to over 200 families in need. Those families who were not able to come pick up, our team delivered the food.

In addition to the 200 families, 50 more families, especially the elderly received at least 2-3 months of dry food by online deliveries.

We continue our deliveries in Armenia, and are currently distributing food in other regions. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Thank you for coming together and making this happen, as right now, this is one of the most important ways to support families during this pandemic, until they are able to return to work and provide for their families themselves.

Thanks again to all, who were part of this mission! God bless!

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