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Second Family Visit to Lusaghbyur Village, Lori - 6/10/2020

Our Second family visit , one of the most anticipated visits to Lusaghbyur village, was the visit of Marine's family, as the poor condition of this family moved us all.

Marine's family was waiting for us with impatience, excitement and happiness. Well, we, in turn, visited with many surprises. One of the best gifts was the cow, which will give them fresh dairy products every day and also provide a sustainable daily income (about $300 a month). In addition, we gave Marine a washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric oven and an electric kettle. In addition to the above, we brought food for the family which will last them for a very long time, and of course clothes for the children and other family members.

It is impossible to describe in words what was happening during the visit to the family, the mother was excited, the children were happy to receive so many presents. Let's hope that during our next visit we will see this family living a prosperous life without so many social problems.

Thank you for your trust and generosity, as you have saved another family from extreme poverty

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