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5th Annual Magical Christmas for Children in Armenia - 12/24/2020

Here we are, a much awaited video if our Christmas event for children from Armenia and Artsakh. We have given these 350 kids a day filled with constant magic. From 10am as they entered to 5pm when they left, these children spent their every minute full of surprises, a magical cake and at the end, received their presents from Santa...the exact wishes written in their letters to Santa came true. Thank you all for making this happen for these kids! Happy watching!

These are pictures of our December 23rd event, our Aid Beyond Borders's 5th Annual Magical Christmas for Children from Artsakh and Armenia. 350 children in all were invited, 175 children for this specific event from different villages of Lori Province. They were accompanied by our organizer as well as the mayors of those villages and local school teachers.

I must say that this was the biggest and the best of our past events, each year exceeding the expectations of the last, which is what we initially wanted.

We had a full menu (pizza, appetizers, hot dogs, and kabob/fries) served to the children 3 times during their stay from 10am - 5pm.

We invited many characters from different films, our famous clowns entertained the children, as well as a special surprise with the big balloon. Paper show is always a MUST for our event, as it enables the kids to make the place a complete and utter mess with them... as much as they want. It was truly magic.

The cake was meticulously chosen to reflect the magical theme of our event as most probably, this will be the only event of this proportion these kids will be able to attend through their childhood years.

The time came for Santa to show up with his 175 presents bought for each child according to their letters. One by one the presents were chosen from skates, to scooters, to dolls, all the way to a guitar. This will be a day they will remember throughout their childhood and even beyond. Children, who never even tasted pizza before, were able to absolutely enjoy their day and have their wishes come true on this magical day.

Yes, our team goes way above and beyond, volunteering their precious time which they would otherwise spend it with their families, so that one more child can be in a world of magic, even if it's for one whole day.

At this time, I would like to thank all of you who participated in making this magic come true. Thank you for your trust, your commitment to our missions, your absolutely amazing generosity in supporting our organization, and our team of dedicated volunteers who are always ready to execute each mission to perfection.

Thank you, God bless you... Merry Christmas and happy New Year!