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Visit To Angela's Family in Nor Khachakap Village, Lori Province - November 3, 2022

n Nor Khachakap village, another visit took place to one of the most positive families in the village, Angela and her son, a 15-year-old boy. Mother and son live alone, earning daily living by working here and there. Of course, the most important thing is that we gave Angela a pregnant cow which will give then on average 15L of milk a day. By the way, on the day of the visit, Angela made pastries with the cow's milk and treated us, she said that she also partially sells it and gets a profit for herself. Of course, we also gave them plenty of household appliances: a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, a gas stove, an electric kettle, which she was indescribably excited to see and was even happier. In addition, we had taken food to last them for a very long time, as well as clothes for Angela and her son.

The extent of Angela's joy was indescribable, she couldn't find her place, she was looking from one gift to another and thanking us non-stop

Thanks for your support and thank you for your trust as we change the lives of families, one family at a time. God Bless!

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