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87 Backpacks Delivered in Vanadzor, Lori Province - 8/31/19

One of our favorite visits! Our group was again in Lori Province where we donated 87 school bags filled with school supplies/stationary to children whose families would not have been able to purchase otherwise. These children were from Aznvadzor Village, Vanadzor, and surrounding villages. Some backpacks were taken personally to their house, and some were distributed in a group.

We made sure that the backpacks were of good quality so that the children would be able to carry them for next few years, and also provided enough school supplies/stationary that will be enough for this year if not the next as well.

Today, were able to make 87 children happy through generous people who donated specifically for backpacks and 3 birthday fundraisers that were held in the month of August. (Backpacks that were shipped to our location in Montrose are already shipped and they will be distributed in 3 months when our team receives the shipment in Armenia).

The children were very happy with their new bags, some were shy in opening them, and many were just opening and going through the presents. Many of the children were surprised to see so much stationery for the first time, many wondering if it was all theirs, and most of the girls were showing off their new bags.

Until our visit, all of these children did not know how to attend school for the new school year, many had no bags at all, and some were so old and worn out that they were ashamed to use them for school.

Now everyone has nice bags, stationery, and they'll be ready to go to school on September 1.

Another beautiful and kind visit was due to us all. On behalf of all the children who received new backpacks and stationary, many thanks to all who donated and to the people who held their Birthday fundraisers directed to Aid Beyond Borders. God bless you all.

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