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Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" Visit to Family in Vanadzor - 2/5/2019

Dear friends,

Our first family visit this year was in Vanadzor, where a family lives in extreme poverty. The family, where the father works in collecting trash, earns only 60,000 drams, half of which he pays rent and the rest of the money is used for family survival for the whole month.

Obviously, the children were hungry and lacked everything.

During our visit, we had many surprises for them. First of all, I must say that we took them enough firewood which will not only last them for this winter, but also be enough for next one.

The mother now has a very expensive modern sewing machine with many sewing capabilities to do everything possible to make money at home. We also took her some bedding and towel material, various details for sewing, scissors, meters, threads, needles, etc. She will now be able to make and sell many items in addition to taking orders for alterations. By the way, during our visit, she said she was eagerly waiting for the sewing machine and had already received an order to make a coat

As for children, I would say that the children were extremely happy. We had countless clothes, shoes, and school supplies for them. The clothes were for all family members for all seasons. The children were passing from one box to another, trying different clothes, delighted with every detail, and the parents were just astonished. Besides the above, we had a lot of food for the family, especially long-lasting food, which will last them for more than a year.

The parents of the children were astonished, did not expect so much assistance, they were still speaking with difficulty to express their gratitude.

Dear friends, thanks to you, another family has already been given a chance to make a small source of income and food, clothes, firewood for the coming year. In the near future we will try to present changes in their family life. Thank you so much for your support! <3

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