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Aid Distributed In Loving Memory of Baidzar Chakalian - Aid Beyond Borders - 12/31/2021

In memory of Baidzar Chakalian, with Donations in Lieu of Flowers, our Team visited Farmanyan Lianna’s Family in Arevashogh Village, delivered firewood to 3 families,and finally, gave warm winter jackets to 15 children living in poverty.

About the visit:

When we came to Lianna's home, we were emptying the goods, she did not believe that all we brought was for them. We took them a refrigerator, a washing machine, a gas stove, most importantly a pregnant cow, which will give them not only dairy products, but a calf in 2 months, and sustainable income to provide for their family. We also gave them 1 year worth of dry food, clothes and toys.

Lianna was very excited. There was a toy penguin, she hugged it and said it was her grandson's biggest toy, he never had normal toys.

The child was excited, he was secretly opening the box, so he could see what was inside.

They were all very happy, they could not describe their emotions in words.

Firewood for 3 families:

We chose 3 families who were in severe poverty, not being able to buy firewood to warm their homes. With that in mind, we distributed 5 cubic meters of firewood to each of them.

Warm winter jackets for 15 children:

Per request from the Chakalian Family, we also distributed 15 winter jackets to children who were till now going to school in thin coats. We took them to a clothing store, bought the coats they wanted.

Aid Beyond Borders team would like to thank the Chakalian family and friends for making this happen, for the families they helped, for the warmth and the love that they spread to so many. God Bless

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