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Birthday Fundraiser Turned Life-Changing Visits - Anush - Lori - 3/19/21.

Our team recently visted a Anush's hard-working family in Yeghegnut village in Lori Province. This visit was made possible thanks to February and March fundraisers donated to our organization.

Anush's family consists of 5 members, out of which are 3 girls and unfortunately they live in extreme poverty. Of course, our most important gift to them was a pregnant cow, which will give the family fresh dairy products every day, some of which will be used as food for the family, and the other part, as a sustainable income, either sell or exchange cheese or other dairy products to ensure their daily bread.

In addition, we gave the family an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric oven, food to last them for a very, very long time - of course, clothes for the family. Anush and her husband was very excited, they were happy, they did not imagine that all this is really only for them, they did not know what to say, how to express themselves

And we were all very happy for them, of course, to execute yet another beautiful visit, because we know the result of our visits in the life of each family is life-changing.

Thank you for your trust and support! Happy Birthday to February and March birthdays who made this visit possible by making a fundraiser for Aid Beyond Borders. God Bless!

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