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Dreams Came True for 4 children in Aragatsotn Province - 6/1/2020

As many of you know, our group has many beautiful types of missions, one of which is to make the dreams of children from socially vulnerable families come true.

With a generous donation from one of our followers and his beautiful kids, this visit was just like that.

We made the dreams come true for 4 minor children living in the village of Aragatsotn, who had many unfulfilled dreams. The brothers, Vigen and Allen, dreamed of a bicycle. Almost everyone had it in the neighborhood, but they didn't, so they didn't want to go out to play. And little Alex and Arpi wanted to have a scooter and a ball.

Thanks to Gago and his family, they now they have a modern bicycle, a scooter and a ball, moreover, we gave each child and their mother 2 pairs of beautiful new shoes and, of course, clothes. We also took them 50kg of flour and food to last them at least 2 months, and of course, lots of candy.

By the way, the children were very happy with the new shoes, because theirs were so worn out that even wearing them was already uncomfortable, they immediately put on new shoes and clothes and started playing with their new games.

Would like to thank Gago and his beautiful children for making the dreams come true for these 4 kids. If it weren't for you, I don't think their dreams would ever come to reality. God bless

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