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First Visit to Lusaghbyur Village, Spitak - 6/10/2020

Our first visit to Lusaghbyur village was to Nellie's family, a family where underage children are growing up, one of whom has autism. The visit of this family was quite fullfilling, especially the for little girl who was happy to open all the boxes and gifts and bags we took one by one and studying them.

We also gave this family a cow, which will become their daily source of income, an electric oven, kettle, lots of clothes for all members of the family, 100kg of flour, and of course food to last them for a very, very long-time, for more than a year.

I would like to thank all the people who took part in supporting this "Lusaghbyur village". You are involved in the progress of each of them and for bettering their lives, changing their lives for a future they never thought they would have.

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