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Help to Single Mother and Infant in Vanadzor - 4-18-19 — in Vanadzor

Since there was more funds raised from one of our fundraisers, and we heard about this family, we decided to use the extra funds to help Marine. Here is about her:

Marine lives in one of the dormitories in Vanadzor. However, she has been living in a shelter for years with her newborn baby because she was a victim of domestic violence for years. This is how Marine received the attention of our group.

Thanks to a member of our group in Lori region, Marine was given an opportunity to bake and supply cakes to Vanadzor cafés. However, she didn't have the proper things/equipment to start this.

To accomplish all of this and to ensure that she can provide for her child, we donated her an electric oven, a refrigerator, as well as flour, sugar, butter, margarine, eggs, and dairy products. Besides that, we took them clothes and food to last them for quite a long time, baby food, diapers, hygiene items, etc.

Let's hope Marine will be able to have her small daily income and to care for her baby's everyday needs by cooking cakes and supplying them to cafes.

We are grateful that we had the extra funds to help yet another family get out of this difficult time.

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