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Noy's Special Room - Mets Masrik - 4/30/19

For the past year or so, we have been working on a very special project: a special room for disabled children where their families could bring them for therapies, exercises, etc. at no charge, as much and as often as they need to. This would be the FIRST room in the entire Armenia, that is located in a school, is part of the school, and will welcome ANY child, to use the equipment and services for free...any day, every day.

Unfortunately, due to the social status of many parents, most children with Cerebral Palsy are left with no therapy and treatment because the government provides only 3 days for free for such therapies, and after that, the families need to pay.

So, finally, with the help of Nishan and Lilit Odabashian, their family and friends, in honor of their son, Noy, this room was finally becoming a reality. Of course, there were many people involved in making this happen, but after many months of planning and raising funds, "Noy's Special Room" was finally ready!

April 30 was one of the most important days for our organization. It was the opening of Noy's Special Room in Mets Masrik. The room not only provides equipment for training, but also has developing games, and other devices which are very important for the advancement of such children with Cerebral Palsy. These children will now have opportunity to use the room as was recommended by the child's doctor and use the equipment, games, therapists at no charge.

I should also note, that our Vice President, Ruzanna Martirosyan was present at the opening along with our main organizer, Sona Manukyan and other members of our team. We were greeted by the whole village, were entertained by their dance group and other talented children.

This room will not only serve children of Mets Masrik, which has a population of 2500 people, but also the children from surrounding villages, currently totaling a little over 50 children. On the weekend, the room will also be open to other children, who can use the equipment and co-mingle with these special children. This way, we will also educate the young, make a connection between these children, and hopefully change the mentality that is currently present today in many towards children with disabilities.

Hopefully the presence of this room will change a lot in the lives of these children and many of them will start living independent and healthy lives.

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