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Our Team's Visit to Garnik at Arevashogh Village, Lori - 7/4/21

One of our most awaited visits was to Arevashogh Village, to Garnik's family, which we consider as one of the most important visits for our organization, as the mother of the family had left her 3 underage children, who are currently being cared for by the eldest daughter of the family, who, in turn, is an outstanding student. She has no financial means to study in Yerevan, nor can she leave the children in the care of his father alone.

During the visit we were amazed at the cleanliness, upbringing and intelligence of the children, despite the socially insecure conditions, the children are the pride of the village and the school.

We gave the family a pregnant cow, which will give them with fresh dairy products every day and will be additional source of sustainable income. In addition, we gave them a gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, electric kettle, which the girls were very happy about, as household chores became several times easier and they could spend more time studying. In addition, we took clothes and food for them which will last them about a year and they would not spend money buying.

And last, but not least, we had a surprise for the eldest, a computer(a powerful laptop that can handle heavy programming languages), which we gave her so that after graduating from school with honors she can pursue her career as a programmer. The computer is a real help to easily learn lessons and even study ahead with online programming classes.

We hope that all the goals of this small, united family will come true and one day we will hear the story of the successful and happy destiny of each of them.

Thank you for participating in our visits and for making our team's missions a reality.

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