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Our visit to see Vache - Get well soon! 04/09/2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

As you know, from time to time, our organization visits families of special needs children. Vache is one of this family's triplets who live in Voskevan Village, Noyemberyan Region, Tavush Province. He got sick when he was several months old and as a result, experienced multiple seizures which made him lose basic motor skills.

Through a lot of work, both form doctors and help from our organization on medications that he needed, we are at a point where Vache has a lot of improvement. He has a lot of the motor skills partially back and most importantly, he has not experienced any seizures in the past several months.

We recently found out that Vache needs a treadmill and bicycle so that he could train his legs at home several times a day. Therefore, we visited them and provided everything needed for him to continue working on his improvement at home, including special shoes that he needs to wear all the time. Because the family is one of socially disadvantaged families, we also provided them with lots of dry food.

Let's hope that the child will be able to fully train his legs, fully recover thanks to the exercise equipment and the bicycle, and after some time, eventually, he will be able to live a life without any problems.

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