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People with military disabilities in Sisan, Goris, Kapan, Tsav, Yeghvard, and Geghanush - 03/19/2021

With the donations sent over the course of war by ship, our team, in cooperation with Satar Ngo, distributed the donations to socially vulnerable families with many children living in border areas, displaced families from Artsakh, giving priority to people with military disabilities in Sisan, Goris, Kapan, Tsav, Yeghvard, and Geghanush borderline villages.

Together with the office of the Governor of Syunik Provinc, Kapan Municipality, Sisian, Goris and Kapan's professional team, we have assessed the needs of the citizens on the spot, provided the necessary prosthetic and orthopedic accessories - wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, hygiene items, large medical blankets, and more.

Our main focus was on the children living in borderline villages. Students from four border kindergartens were provided with blankets, toys and hygiene items. The children of the kindergarten of Davit Beck village received blankets, sleeping bags and toys.

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, adult diapers, medical cat sheets, and used clothes were distributed to the socially disadvantaged and displaced families from Artsakh living in the above-mentioned areas visited.

Sports bags, hats, shirts were distributed to the children of Kapan Davit Hambardzumyan Children and Youth Sports School. The injured/wounded received soft T-shirts, sports bags, blouses, canes, and walkers, and other medical equipment we had, as needed.

Thank you all for your trust and support! And special thanks to Satar Ngo team!

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