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Roof & Windows renovated - Navur Village School - Tavush 04/04/2021

Aid Beyond Borders started on the renovation project on one of the schools in Tavush Province, Navur Village back in 2020. Because of Covid-19 consequences and later the war, our renovation temporarily halted. We had funds to replace the entire school's roof and just before the war started, we received a generous check from George Ignatius Foundation to replace all the windows and window sills.

Here is a little about the school:

The school is located in Navur Village, Tavush Province. The school is called: Navur Secondary School of Tavush Region POAK (Տավուշի մարզի Նավուրի միջնակարգ դպրոց ՊՕԱԿ). Children from the nearby Itsakar Village also attend this school from grades 9-12 because there is no high school in their village. Through the years and the attacks on and nearby the village, because the school was not renovated since the Soviet times, the building was affected extensively. Because of the old roof, during the rain and snow season, it would leak straight into the building of the school resulting in further damage to the interior walls, windows, and floor. Furthermore, because of incomplete windows (mainly broken) the students were not able to attend during cold winter months.

The July and September wars weakened the windows and blue glass on the building that was covering the stairway section, which was also included in our plans to be changed.

We have made an agreement with the governor of Tavush Province that once we complete the project, they will be installing solar panels on the roof of the school from their budget, and also installing heating system once the walls and floors are done (which will be our next project which is not yet funded). Now that we are finished with changing the entire roof from scratch, and also installation of the windows and window sills, you can see the before and after of what was changed and the effect it will have on the kids.

Of course, not everything is done, as there remain interior walls, floors, and the installation of the doors(which we were able to purchase with funds left over from the windows). We will continue taking up on this project of renovating the school if and when we have more funds.

We, at Aid Beyond Borders, thank the George Ignatius Foundation for their continued support on our large projects, as well as thank Vahakn Aglamishian and pray that God's light shines upon his soul.

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