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SUCCESS STORIES - PART 3 - Nelli Lusaghbyur - 09/17/2021

Nelli is a resident of Lusaghbyur village in Lori Province. When we visited her family, they were in really bad shape. We donated 1 pregnant cow, beds, household appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven and kettle. Now the cow already has a calf, besides selling milk and yogurt, she bought another cow, bought chicken, and this is how she gets a income from every animal and takes care of the family. She also bought some necessary things for the house.

Nellie's family is one of those families where our visit paid off in a very short time and we are just happy to be able to change the lives of such families. Thank you for being part our organization and changing lives one family at a time

If you would like to be part our current mission, we are currently trying to raise money to install gas for a whole village! We have until September 21 to reach our goal. Please consider donating to this cause. More details about it in the fundraiser:

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