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SUCCESS STORIES - PART 4 - Hermine Lusaghbyur 09/18/2021

When we visited Hermine in Lusaghbyur village, she had 2 children and she lived in terrible conditions. After receiving the pregnant cow, she also kep the calf after birth. With the income and the money they saved from not buying food for a year (because we gave them a lot of food), they bought pigs, rabbits and chicken, and with the income from these she takes care of their daily needs and is able to save some money. Now Heghine is expecting a child again, she says that before she was afraid to have one more child, but she is confident now that she can already take care of her children.

This is all thanks to your generosity, without which this family's life would not change for better. Because of you, Hermine's family's life is changed!

If you would like to be part of our current mission, we are currently trying to raise money to install gas for a whole village! Please follow this link to be part of it and learn more about it:

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