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Third Family Visit to Lusaghbyur Village, Lori - 6/10/2020

Our team also reached to the third family in remote village of Lusaghbyur in the Lori region. The third visit was to Lilit's family, where, as we presented, 3 minor children were growing up.

We donated a cow to Lilit's family, thanks to which the family will have their own milk and dairy products every day, part of which will be earned as a result of selling for a sustainable daily income, and the other part will be used as food for the family.

In addition, the family received 2 bedsfor children, and now the children already have their own beds, which was a problem for them before, because some of the children were sleeping on the floor.

In addition to the above, we gave the family an electric oven-stove and kettle, 100kg of flour, clothes for the entire family, as well as so much food that will last them for a long time

The children, the father and mother of the family were happy and could not hide their joy. Even the head of the village was shocked to see the amount of help each family received.

I am sure that helping the family on this scale will help them move forward a at a greater extent, and motivate them to work even harder and get their own prosperous life.

Thank you for your support and generosity. In total, 3 families' lives were changed for much better future. God bless!

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