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Tractor for Lusaghbyur Village, Lori Province - 5/13/2021

This village is one of the many in Lori Province that no organization has reached out. We discovered this village in 2019 and started helping the families living in extreme poverty there. One-by-one, we were able to bring them out of the poverty by providing them sustainable income. Currently, all of the families who were in dire need have been helped and have a daily sustainable income which they work for.

HOWEVER, when we set foot in this village, we also discovered that one of the biggest dilemmas the village had was the fact that the villagers were not able to cultivate their land. Most of the land was left untouched for years. This was due to the fact that they had to rent out a tractor from other villages, and pay a hefty amount for one time use. Most villagers were not able to do so, obviously.

So last year, our organization provided Lusaghbyur Village a tractor with 3 different attachments. Each attachment does one job: cultivate, plant, and pick.

Here is the video which gives just a small image of what we have done for them. Now ALL of the villagers, who need to cultivate their land can use the tractor absolutely free of charge!

I am happy to say that now, as of 2021, MOST of the land in that village is cultivated, and it's giving the villagers more extra income.

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