Visit to Alina's Family in Arevashogh Village, Lori Province - 11/23/21

Updated: Jan 7

Our team visited Alina's family, a small, young and very beautiful family, where 2 underage children live. Alina was very happy especially with the cow. She said that the children will have their daily milk and she will be able to make money with dairy products that she will make from it. In addition, we gave them an automatic washing machine, a gas stove, a refrigerator, food and clothes for a long time.

Both the father and the mother of the family were very happy, they looked from one gift to another, as the number of gifts seemed unbelievable to them.

Let's hope that within the framework of our next visit, the daily life of this young modest family will change for the better. To be part of our next important mission, please visit here:

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