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Visit to Anna's Family in Arevasogh Village, Lori - 4/29/21

The last of our visits for the month of April was to Anna and her beautiful family, where besides the underage children already living, one more will be born soon. As it can be seen from the pictures, the family was deprived of basic conditions, and our visit changed their daily life by a lot. The first most important gift to the family was a pregnant cow, which would give them fresh dairy products every day and also be a source of daily sustainable income.

In addition to the above, as seen in the photos, we provided the family with long-lasting food to last them for at least a year, as well as plenty of clothing, as well as appliances such as stove, fridge and washing machine. The family's grandparents were especially happy, even the grandmother was so excited that she could not concentrate to express her gratitude)))

Let's hope that our visit will play a decisive role in the life of another family և their destiny will change for the better)) Thank you all for your trust and support!

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