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Visit to Armine & Family in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori Province - Nov. 15, 2020

Another one of our team vists was again to Lusaghbyur village, this time to Armine's beautiful family, where 2 wonderful underage children are growing up. Armine and her husband gather grass, clean the barn, the husband keeps other people's animals, and this is how they try to make their living. While they both worked, the money that they were getting was not nearly enough for them to live a normal life.

During our visit, we gave them a pregnant cow, which will give them 15 liters fresh milk daily, which they will make different kinds of dairy products, part of which will feed the family, and the rest will be a source of sustainable income. In addition, we installed natural gas for the family, which will allow them to easily cook in the kitchen and keep warm in winter. In addition, in order to make life as easy as possible, we gave them an automatic washing machine, gas stove, refrigerator, electric kettle, which Armine was especially happy about. In addition, we took them dry/canned food which will last them for a very longtime, of course, clothes for all family members as well as toys for children.

As a result of our regular visit, the life of one more family was overturned towards positive, and the constant small income will allow them to take care of their own family. Thank you all!

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