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Visit to Asya's Family in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori

Our next beautiful visit was to Lusaghbyur village, a family where 2 underage children are growing up, and the third will be born soon. We solved a number of important issues for the family, we solved problems that the father of the family, despite working from morning till night, could not solve on his own.

First of all, we installed natural gas in the family house, which is a perfect salvation for heating during the winter, in general, for solving kitchen and household problems. In addition, we gave the family a pregnant cow, which gives them so much milk every day that the mother will make cheese, butter, and of course to have fresh milk for the family every day and also sell for income. In addition, we gave them a gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, electric kettle, which will greatly facilitate the household chores, as the family has lived without appliances.

In addition to all of the above, we gave the family clothes, shoes, as well as long-lasting food which they will use at least for the next 8 months. The family members were so moved that they found it difficult to express their joy and excitement, but they thanked everyone.

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