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Visit to Christina and her 4 sons - Lori Province - Nov. 15, 2020

Christina and her 4 sons live in extremely bad conditions. One of the boys has just been demobilized from the army, the other 3 are minors, 4, 9 and 17 years old. Christina's children work with her in the fields to earn a living.

Christine once worked with her husband and was able to more or less take care of daily living, but her husband died a year ago, so Christine found herself in a desperate situation with her 4 minor children.

Christina's husband died of an illness about a year ago; The family took loans to try to save their father, but in vain, and today the debts have accumulated, to which was added the problem of daily living, as a result of which she found herself in a desperate situation.

On November 6, our organization visited Christine's family.

We gave Christina a pregnant cow, which will give her children fresh dairy products every day as well as daily income from selling these products. We also gave them food to last them at least a year, clothes for the family.

Christina was very happy with our gifts and said that from now on she would be able to take care of the family easily.

Thank you for your donations! God Bless!

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