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Visit to Family #1 in Aznvadzor Village - Lori Province-1/27/20

FAMILY 1: Our visit to this family was made possible from the donations in honor of 3 children's Christenings. The monetary gifts were collected and we changed the lives of 3 families in addition to delivering food for 15 elderly in Lori Province.

Our first visit was to a family in Aznvadzor village, single mother Hranush, who raised her two children in extremely difficult conditions. It was impossible to explain what was going on during the visit as the children were extremely happy and the mother was astonished.

We donated a pregnant cow, which give them 15 liters of milk every day (about $300 income every month), a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, an electric oven, an electric kettle, food to last them over a year, clothes and shoes, toys and other home and children's supplies.

Hranush was extremely happy, saying that she would no longer have to borrow milk for the baby, but would give her own cow's milk. She said that she will take care of both the soon to be born calf and the cow, and this will be a very good income for her. Hopefully, after her visit, Hranush will be able to find strength, to stand up and take care of her own children's needs.

Thank you to all who contributed to Maro's and Gayane's children's Christening. Thank you Maro and Gayane for your trust and support. This family was saved because of your generosity. God bless!

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