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Visit to Family in Noyemberyan, Tavush Province 8/9/19

Our Team visited the family with 7 underaged children in a borderline Voskevan village of Noyemberyan region, Tavush Province. This family, as you may remember, returned from Russia to settle in Motherland, permanently.

The children's father, Sedrak Asatryan, has been involved in cattle breeding for many years in Russia, dreaming of owning his own sheep.

Our visit was a big surprise for the family. Most importantly we had 8 sheep for them, each of which would give them 2 cubs a year. This will be a great profit for the family, with which they will be able to earn their daily living.

Sedrak said he would do everything he could to raise as many animals as possible so his family could have a stable income. He asked us to come back in a year, and he will show how much he multiplied what we have given him. We agreed, and not only we will pay him a visit every 3 months, but will give you, who invested your money in this family, an update on how he is in a year.

In addition to sheep, we also had a gas stove and automatic washer for them, as well as an electric kettle, food to last them for about a year, as an initial boost until the money starts coming in from the sheep, and of course enough clothes and shoes for all members of the family.

Unfortunately, the family home was so narrow and awkward that it was not possible to accommodate all we took them, but what was happening at home was impossible to describe in words.

Some of the children were happy about clothes, gifts and shoes, and the youngest ones were happy about the variety of sweets and food, and the parents were grateful for the sheep and appliances. The mother of the children said that they had never received such assistance and had not expected to receive such, and were now ready to work and improve the social status of the family.

I would like to thank all the people who participated in making this visit a reality so that another family no longer has the worry where their income will come from, the job and the basic necessities of living and of course food are a great beginning for them. Thank you and God bless you

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