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Visit to Family in Vanadzor - Anonymously Funded - 10/22/19

Our team's visit to Vanadzor today was one of the most exciting and unexpected visits. This visit was sponsored anonymously and the family was chosen from one of the most vulnerable families in Vanadzor.

We visited a large family living in extreme poverty. Our visit created a real stir in the family, including the children.

First of all, we gave them 3 pregnant pigs, each of which will give up to 9 piglets every 6 months, and their breeding and selling will be a constant source of income for them. In addition, we gave the family a refrigerator, an automatic washer, an electric oven, a kettle, more than a year's worth of preserved food, clothing, toys, and shoes for all family members.

The parents of the children were excited, the mother could not even hold back tears, the children cheerfully opened their toys and clothes and wondered which one is who's.

With such joyful and beautiful scenery, another one of our visits ended, as a result of which another family acquired a permanent source of income and will no longer have the problem of feeding the family.

Thank you dear anonymous family for supporting us and giving so much hope for this family

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