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Visit to Gayane & family - Geghadir Village - 4/20/21

This visit was made possible by DecoLux Home and March Birthday fundraisers for our charity. This time our visit was to Geghadir village, to Gayane and her family, where 4 underage children are growing up.

Gayane and her husband built a small building on the land on their own, where they live, Gayane works in a lavash factory, and her husband is a guard at the nearby kindergarten. They have a small plot of land in the yard, they cultivate it, they try to earn a living. We decided to help them because they are a hard-working family, and with our help, they will get an extra boost which will put them in a position where they will no longer have to think about whether their income will be enough to cover utilities or providing food for their children.

We gave this family a pregnant cow, food to last them at least a year, as well as children’s clothes.

Hopefully, they will soon be able to get back up and easily take care of their daily needs. With the cow, they will have a steady daily income as well as consistent dairy products for the children.

Special thanks to Elena Zakare and all those who trusted us to change a family’s life in honor of their birthdays. Happy Birthday!

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