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Visit to Hayastan's Family in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori - 1/31/21

Another of our team visits was again to Lusaghbyur village where a small, beautiful, hard-working, bright family, is raising a wonderful little boy was growing up, and the family is waiting for its second child.

Hayastan and her husband work day and night in the fields, doing various jobs, trying to earn a living by their own work, but our visit drastically changed their daily life for the better, as we gave them a pregnant cow, which will give them fresh dairy products every day by giving up to 15 liters of milk a day. They did not have any household appliances at home, therefore, our visits are always a surprise for such families as we again took them a refrigerator, a stove, an automatic washing machine, an electric kettle, lots of food to last them more than a year. When the couple saw all this, they could not be happier as they talked and smiled incessantly

In addition to the above, we also took clothes and toys for the child.

I am sure that in a very short time we will hear about another success story, this time of this family. Thank you all for your support and trust! God bless!

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