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Visit to Hranush's Family in Arevashogh, Lori - 7/15/21

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Our team recently visited Arevashogh Village, where Hranush's family lives and where two underage children are growing up in extreme poverty.

We gave this family with a pregnant cow, which will give them fresh milk every day (up to 15 liters a day), which they will use to make yogurt and cheese, some for their family, and most to sell for sustainable income. In addition, we donated a refrigerator, a washing machine, a gas stove, an electric kettle, which the mother was especially indescribably happy with, as they had nothing from household appliances. and verything in everyday life was a challenge.

In addition to the above, we provided the family with food, which will last them for over a year, and clothes to last them 4 seasons and toys, from which the little one was happy))

We very much hope that our visit will change a lot in the life of this family and they will be able to get back up on their feet in a short time and easily take care of everyday problems.

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