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Visit to Karine & family - Arevashogh Lori - 4/26/21.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Our team visited the village of Arevashogh Village, Lori Province, where Karine and her family lives, and where underage children are growing up. The house and the conditions in which they live, to put it mildly, are inconsolable, the family somehow manages to take care of the children one day at a time.

During our visit, we gave them a pregnant cow that would feed an entire family as well as be a source of sustainable income. In addition, the received a washing machine, refrigerator, electric stove, with which they would be able to bake bread and their daily meals, electric kettle, plenty of clothes, toys, and of course food which will last them for a year.

Karine was very happy, there was no place to move at home at first, we took so many things))) The children were very happy with their gifts, they were constantly opening the boxes, trying on clothes))

Let's hope that this family will get back up on their feet soon and that their children will not even remember the hard days they had. Thanks for your continued trust and support! God Bless!

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