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Visit to Meline in Lusaghbyur Village, Lori - 7/10/2020

As you know, our missions are currently in Lusaghbyur village of Lori region. Today is our next visit to Meline's Family, a resident of that village, with her 4 minor children. As you know from the pictures and the story, Meline's family lived in extremely bad conditions, moreover, they had a problem with daily living, so we reached out to this family.

First of all, we donated a pregnant cow, which will provide them with daily dairy products and income, in addition, we donated a gas stove, an electric kettle, a lot of clothes, shoes, and, of course, enough food that last them for a year. And 2 separate beds for children, as a result of which each child already has his own place to sleep

I should mention that the problem of this family's natural gas has been solved, now they do not have a problem with heating and cooking in winter, as we have installed natural gas in their home

Apart from us, a whole village was happy with the help of this family, moreover, they all helped to move things during the visit. We are sure that in the near future the family will be able to provide for themselves and multiply all we have given them․ Thank you all

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