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Visit to Nor Khachakap Village, Lori - 7/10/2020

As you know, our organization identifies different hard-working families living in different villages of Armenia and helps them stand back up on their feet, so that they can take care of their own needs. We provide them with everything they need to live a somewhat normal life, as well as sustainable income, so that they can continue providing for their families.

This visit was no exception, during which we visited Alina and her family living in the village of Nor Khachakap. A hardworking, humble family, where the father did various jobs and the mother kept chickens and sold eggs.

During our visit, we gave the family a pregnant cow, after which, it was impossible to describe the Alina's joy, her husband and children, they were happy because they realized that they had received a gift as a source of income. In addition to the cow, we gave the family a gas stove, which doubled the mother's joy, an electric kettle, food to last them for many months, and some clothes for the family.

We are all sure that we have made another wonderful visit, we are sure that we have revived another family and in a short time the family will be able to earn a living due to their diligence. Thank you all for your support and trust! Consider another mission accomplished!

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