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Visit to Robert and Family in Mets Masrik - 4/30/19 — in Mets Masrik, Geghark'Unik', Armenia

This is the third family whom our group visited on April 30th. It was in the village of Mets Masrik as well. This time we visited Robert's large family who, working at a graveyard, doesn't earn money, but collects food left by the grave-sites, and brings it home for his family to eat. Needless to say, the family was eagerly waiting for our visit. Let me remind you that Robert is disabled, has many health issues and his family is in a desperate state.

First and foremost, we took them a pregnant pig, which will give 10-12 babies every 6 months and thus generating the family $1200 each time. We also took an automatic washing machine for the family, a refrigerator, an electric oven, kettle, food to last over a year, clothes and shoes for the family.

The mother of the family, Zabella, did not know what to say and how to express her gratitude, after all, nobody has ever helped them before. The father was glad, did not know how to express his joy as well, especially being happy about the pig.

We are confident that after our visit, their family will live more or less in a better way, and the daily routine will change for the better.

Thank you for trusting us, supporting our missions...because when we unite, miracles will happen. <3 God bless you.

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