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Visit to Silva and Her Family in Vanadzor - 5/22/19

Dear Friends,

Our group visited city of Vanadzor, where Silva lives with her family. As many of you may remember, Silva, who unfortunately struggles with 4th stage cancer has two underage children. Her husband works, but barely makes ends meet. Silva works too, sometimes, when she can, but recently, she has been too weak to do anything. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and doctors refuse to operate on her, saying that she might not make it through the surgery.

When our car approached their house, the whole street was filled with their neighbors and all of them were happy and said that they were all waiting for the visit because the family really needed our help. When the family's father learned that we had taken them this many things, he was extremely surprised and said that they are not going to need to buy anything for the next 5 years.

We also took them so many things that the whole family didn't know which item to be happy for. The most important thing that we took them were 2 pigs and many chicks, which will bring quite a lot of income per year. Of course, we also took them an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric oven, food to last them more than a year, clothing for the whole family and toys for the children.

It is impossible to describe the joy of the children, and parents could not hide their joy and excitement. I am confident that our visit will give a lot of strength to the family to fight against mother's illness, to win and live a prosperous life. Thank you all, who made this visit possible. It is because of you, that we are able to instill joy, hope, and laughter to families. God bless you

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