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Visit to Single Mother in Aznvadzor Village, Lori- 9.15.19

Our recent visit was to the single mother and her 2 children living in the village of Aznvadzor located in Lori Province. Another single mother was living in extreme hardship, whose husband left for the Russian Federation and never returned, leaving Monica with two minor children - a 10-year-old girl and a 7-month-old boy. But our visit was life changing for Monica and she was amazed at the amount of help she received... She could not believe her eyes.

First of all, she now has a pregnant cow that will give her about 13-15 liters of milk daily. When she saw the cow, she got so excited, she promised to raise the animals (the mom and soon to be born calf) and said that she would also make cheese from the very first milk she receives from the cow and give it to everyone living around her as a means of thank you to us :)

She said that she would already be able to earn her children's bread all by herself and that she would never need anything from her ex-husband. She will never need to think about how her children will be fed.

In addition, to make life easier for Monica, we gave her an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, a bread baking oven with 100kg of flour, and an electric kettle. Furthermore, we had plenty of clothes and shoes for the whole family, stationery and school bag for the daughter. A lot of clothes and baby supplies for the baby and of course so much food that will surely last the family for more than a year.

What we saw in Monica's eyes during our visit in Monica's is simply impossible to describe in words; it was both joy and faith and hope that everything would be fine from now on.

Thank you all for being with us and getting this family back to their feet again, ensuring a brighter future for all of them.

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