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Visit to Siranush's Family - Arevashogh Village, Lori - 11/23/21

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Our team was at Sirush's house where we visited her family in Arevashogh Village in Lori Province, a kind and wonderful family, where 3 underage children are growing up. Of course, we gave this family a pregnant cow, which will be the source of their daily sustainable income. In addition, we gave them a refrigerator, a washing machine, a gas stove, clothes, and, of course, food intended for a more than a year.

To say that the family was happy is to say nothing at all. Even the neighbors were happy for the family, gathered, helped to move the things from the truck to the family home.

We are more than sure that the family, who was in a very difficult situation was relieved and a better future has started for them.

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