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Visit to Tatev & Family - Yeghegnut village - Lori - 03/14/21.

Our team's visit this time was to Yeghegnut village in Lori Province and it was made possible by Ruben and his family/friends in Canada. The first visit was to Tatev's small beautiful family.

One of the most important gifts we gave them was a pregnant cow, which will not only give them fresh milk and dairy products every day, some of which they will be able to sell to make a sustainable income, but also will give a new born calf in 2 months which will multiply their income.

In addition to the cow, we gave them an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, long-lasting food that will last them for at least a year and they will have no need to buy most food items, and of course clothes for all family members and toys for children.

Both Tatev and her husband were very happy with the gifts, they were excited and happy at the same time, and kept saying they were not expecting this much help.

Our team was satisfied with our visit and we are all very happy and excited with each and every visit, because we realize that each visit changes a whole family's life for the better. Thank you and your friends, Ruben, for your generous donations. God Bless you!

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