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Visit to Zaruhi's Family in Vanadzor 3.20.2020

Despite the tense situation in the country because of the coronavirus, we visited this family, which I think was most appropriate in these circumstances. This time it was again a visit to a family in distress, a family where the father of the family worked as a cattle breeder for four loaves of bread daily.

And now, because of restriction of work, this was a great time to help this family, because they wouldn't even have the 4 loaves of bread either.

We gave the family 3 pigs, which will give them a good source of income, from which the family will be able to earn a decent income.

In addition to their source of income, they also had gifts designed to make their living easier, including automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, electric oven, kettle, food to last them for over a year, clothing for family members and other essentials.

We also paid for the cooking lessons for their 15-year-old boy who wanted to attend classes, but due to lack of money the family could not afford to pay the tuition.

Zaruhi was indescribably surprised, and the children were as well.

Thank you for getting this family out of misery and changing their lives for the better. In these difficult times, this family will not stay hungry. God bless you.

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