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Winter Boots Distributed to Children in Poverty-Vanadzor-10-25-19

We present to you the next great accomplishment of our organization. Thanks to Arthur's Birthday fundraiser and those who made part of it with their donations, more than 150 children living in different villages of Lori Province, villages near Vanadzor, will wear new, warm winter boots this winter and will certainly not get cold as in previous years.

Although it is already quite cold in the Lori region, most of the children were still in summer or cloth shoes. Many children usually stay in their regular summer/fall shoes, while they go to school in rain or snow. Most of children have such worn out shoes that by the time they get to their school in rain/snow, their feet will be wet inevitably.

Thanks to all who donated to Arthur's Birthday Fundraiser, over 150 of those kids will no longer be cold.

p.s. We also donated over 50 school backpacks to those who were still going to school with plastic bags.