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Indoor Playground Cafe Entertainment for Children in Poverty-November 1, 2015

Children's Indoor Playground/Cafe

Today was the day for our wonderful children of our past visits and their mothers / grandmothers. A day filled with lots of children's laughter and carefree hours. These children’s eyes were so expressive. Our group was watching and did not know whether to rejoice or grieve. To rejoice, because the kids were enjoying what they needed as a child but due to the lack of social conditions could were not able to feel it before…….Frustration, anxiety and fear in everyone’s eyes, because it might be over soon. We do not know how to describe what happened today. Lots, lots, lots of children were running around the cafe, playing with the clown, hosts, heroes, were eating delicious, delicious food….running from one labyrinth attraction to another…..eating delicious food they cannot eat in their daily lives. Once again playing, running around and then coming back to their tale to enjoy the food. Each child was happy in their own way, but their eyes were still happy in the same way.

Today was these children had such a wonderful day, which each child deserves to have, but because of financial problems, many of them were there for the first time, including mothers. The food was added continuously over and over, and each time, they had a cake, and at the end, each family got to take food home, including cake.

Dear Friends, I would like to thank everyone for making this day a reality. It is thanks to each of you that these children were cut off from their daily hard life, full of many problems.

The cake was donated by Ksenia, who made it from scratch, a home-made cake, which each and every child enjoyed. More than 30 kids were sponsored by Susanna Balyan with American Best Care Medical Transportation, and many more donations, without whom this could not have been possible. To have seen such moments, which these children fully enjoyed, we, as a group of volunteers, understand now that the time and energy spend was not in vain.

Today's smiles and the joys is why we have come together as one big family and we are doing all this. The smiles of the children are YOURS.....YES, YOURS….. We are thankful that you exist.

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